Red Ruffle Yarn Tutu
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Red Ruffle Yarn Tutu

Does your little girl like to twirl around like a ballerina? Use strips of Red Heart® Sashay Metallic™ ruffle yarn to create this adorable tutu! It is the perfect accessory for playing dress up!
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Red Heart® Sashay Metallic™ (Solids 3.5 oz. / 30 yds.) Yarn – Rubies (1 Skein)
  • Scissors (or Sewing Shears)
  • Ruler (or Measuring Tape)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Unroll the skein of Sashay Metallic™, and cut a piece long enough to encircle your child’s waist, plus the excess needed to tie the skirt closed in a bow. For a standard-sized five year-old girl, we cut a 48” sash.

Step 2 Measure the length you desire for the skirt’s length, and cut ruffle yarn strips that are double this length. We cut strips approximately 26” long for a skirt that reached to our standard-sized five year-old’s knees (as shown in photo above). Cut strips until the skein is gone – this yielded us 44 strips.

Step 3 Fold strips in half and tie each onto the waist piece (sash) by making a lark’s head knot through the mesh of the yarn. Begin knotting at the middle of the sash length, and work outwards. Remember that you only need to add the skirt fringe around the waist, and not the excess used to tie the skirt. For our skirt, we knotted the fringe along a 22” length in the middle of the sash, and left 13” untouched on each side for the tie/bow. Also, you can stagger the lark’s head knots up and down the width of the sash, as we did, for greater fullness.

Step 4 Once your skein of Sashay is gone, and all yarn strips have been knotted on, you’re finished! Tie the skirt on with a bow and send your little one out to dance tarantellas, slay dragons or develop transmogrifying serums, as they prefer.






Before you start cutting the ruffle yarn, unwind the skein so that you can spread and separate the yarn. As you do so, rewind the yarn onto a cardboard roll (like an empty paper towel roll). This will keep you from having to spread and separate the yarn as you work. Our small person (pictured above) was an excellent assistant, and held the skein as we separated and rewound.

When cutting strips of ruffle yarn for the skirt itself, use the first strip you cut to measure out the rest of the strips. This is a quick and easy way to ensure consistency in length. Set that one strip aside until you are done knotting the rest of the pieces onto the skirt. If you decide to add more strips, it’ll be easy to use the first strip to measure more.