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It's easy and fun to paint resin figurines! Follow the instructions below to achieve a perfect opaque, transparent, antique or glossy finish every time. For best results, read these instructions COMPLETELY before starting your project.

Brushes: Choose good quality brushes such as Loew-Cornell White Nylon or Loew-Cornell Comfort Handle paintbrushes. It's easiest to use flat brushes to work the color onto the resin, then use smaller flat or round brushes to add details, shading, highlights and to intensify color. Depending on the size of your resin figurine, you'll need a ½-inch Flat (Shader) and a No. 10, No. 8 or No. 4 Flat (Shader). You will also find a No. 1 and No. 4 Round brush handy in some instances.

Other Supplies: Use the Loew-Cornell Brush Tub II to hold painting water and to rinse brushes when changing color. You'll also need paper towels to blot the excess water from the brush. Any acrylic paint can be used, but the properties of DecoArt Americana Acrylics work wonderfully on the resin figurines. The paint dries evenly from the top surface down to the resin, and it's less likely to pull holes when adding additional coats of paint.

Opaque Finishes: For the first coat, thin the paint slightly with water. Dip the brush in water, then blot the excess water from the brush. It's important to have some water in the brush to aid the paint in reaching into crevices of the resin. The brush should be moist, but not dripping wet, just blot it lightly, then load the slightly thinned acrylic paint onto the brush. Apply a THIN coat of paint to the design area, then LET IT DRY COMPLETELY. This coat must dry thoroughly to provide tooth for the next coat of paint. When dry, add a second coat of regular paint (NOT water-thinned). Add shading and details to the design after the basecoat is thoroughly dry.

Washed or Transparent Finishes: Thin paint with water, 80% paint and 20% water. Using a slightly damp flat wash or shader paintbrush, wash the mixture onto the resin. LET THE PAINT DRY THOROUGHLY before adding a second coat or shading. The key is to build up subtle layers of color, creating a semi-transparent, watercolor effect. Alternate Method: Dip one corner of a flat paintbrush into paint, then stroke the paint onto the resin. The water in the brush will thin the paint, creating a transparent washed effect. Blend the paint onto the resin using the water in the brush.

Add Shading: Create subtle tones on areas by adding additional colors of paint. To add shading, dip one corner of a flat brush in a contrasting color of water-thinned paint, then stroke the brush on a paint palette to blend color. Next, stroke the shading color onto the project. Highlights may be added using the same technique and White or Light Buttermilk paint. Highlights and shading can also be added using a drybrush technique. To drybrush, dip a flat brush in water thinned paint, then pat off most of the paint on a paper towel. Stroke the brush lightly across the painted surface of the resin to add just a hint of color.

Paint Details: Use a round of flat brush to paint details. If using the round brush, paint the raised design on the resin. A flat brush can also be used to paint the details. Use the drybrush technique (above) dragging the tips of the bristles across the raised details on the resin.

Add Special Finishes: To add a Pearlized finish to Opaque style resins, add DecoArt Pearlizing Medium to the acrylic paint colors before painting, following the label instructions. Add sparkle to the figurines by brushing on DecoArt Starlite Topcoat over the painted designs.

Antiqued Finishes: After painting the resin using the Opaque Technique or Washed Technique, add an antiquing coat. Thin Raw Sienna or Burnt Umber paint with water, then wash the paint onto the resin. Work with small areas at a time, washing the antiquing paint into the crevices and details of the resin. Before the paint dries, lightly wipe away the excess paint with a soft cloth.

Matte and Gloss Finishes: After painting the resin, spray the painted design with a light coat of DecoArt Matte Spray Sealer. For glossy finishes, spray the painted figurine with DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze.

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