Ribbon Accented Cards
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Ribbon Accented Cards

Make cards fun by adding ribbons!
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Pink Polka Dot Flower Card:
  • Ribbon, 3/8" - Hot Pink/White Polka Dots and Lemon/Orange
  • Satin Ribbon, 1 1/2" - Lemongrass
  • Buttons - Yellow Round and Pink Flower
  • Low Heat Glue Gun and Glue
  • Black and White Floral Card:
  • Scrapbook Paper - Black and White Flowers
  • Cardstock - Apricot
  • Ribbon, 3/8" Hot Pink, Grape, Turquoise
  • Woo Hoo Owl Card:
  • Ribbon, 3/8" - Pink/Brown and It's a Girl
  • Cardstock - Pink
  • Embellishements - Pure Divinity Love (or stick on words of choice)
  • Additional Supplies:
  • Cards and Envelope Value Pack, 5"x7" - White Deckle
  • Double-Stick Tape
  • Computer and Printer
  • Paper Trimmer

Project Instructions

Pink Polka Dot Flower Card:

Cut lemon grass ribbon to 5" and attach vertically to left center of card.

Cut two pieces 5" of the yellow and orange ribbon and attach on either side of the lemongrass ribbon as shown.

Loop hot pink and white polka dots ribbon into a flower. Secure each layer with glue and then glue flower to center of lemongrass ribbon.

Glue round button in center of flower.

Print message onto another card and cut as desired.

Attach to card with double-stick tape and then add pink flower button.

Black and White Floral Card:

Cut floral scrapbook paper to 4½"x6½" and attach to card.

Cut three strips of apricot cardstock to ¾"x6½" as well as one strip of each ribbon.

Attach each ribbon strip to a cardstock strip and trim the bottom end at an angle.

Cut three strips, one of each color ribbon, to 3".

Fold in half and thread behind and between ribbon and cardstock strips as shown.

Attach strips to card as shown.

Print message onto apricot cardstock and cut out as desired and attach to card.

Woo Hoo Owl Card:

Cut pink cardstock to 3"x7".

Attach to bottom of card as shown.

Wrap It’s a Girl ribbon around center of pink cardstock three times.

Wrap brown and pink ribbon under bottom It’s a Girl ribbon and then again around the top.

Tie a knot on top brown ribbon.

Add embellishments as desired.