Rich as Royals Necklace
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Rich as Royals Necklace

Designed by Katie Hacker for Bead Gallery®.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Glass Donuts, 3x6mm – Gold-tone (44)
  • Dyed Agate Faceted Rounds, 6mm – Rose (24)
  • Glass Table Cut with Luster, 8mm – Aqua (32)
  • Glass Rounds, 8mm – Amethyst (24)
  • Glass Rounds, 10mm – Red (10)
  • Ceramic Rounds, 10mm – Dark Blue (18)
  • Metal-plated Rondelles, 4x6mm (12)
  • Beadalon® Beading Wire – Gold-tone
  • Beadalon® Crimp Beads, #1 – Gold-tone
  • Eye Pins – Gold-tone (18)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Crimping Tool

Project Instructions

Step 1 String 12 aqua beads onto individual head pins and make a basic loop on each.

Step 2 String a metal rondelle, ceramic bead and metal rondelle onto an eye pin and make a basic loop; repeat for six units.

Step 3 Make two beaded chains as follows: three aqua, three ceramic, three aqua links.

Step 4 Cut a 14" length of Beadalon® wire and use a crimp bead to attach it to one end of a beaded chain from Step 3.

Step 5 Pass the wire through 6mm rose, 8mm amethyst, gold-tone donut, ceramic, gold-tone donut, 8mm amethyst, 6mm rose (unit A).

Step 6 Pass the wire through: 8mm aqua, gold-tone donut, 10mm red, gold-tone donut, 8mm aqua. (unit B).

Step 7 Alternate units A (string five times) and B (string four times) as shown.

Step 8 Use a crimp bead to attach the end of the beaded section to the other beaded chain.

Step 9 Cut a 20" length of Beadalon® wire and use a crimp bead to attach it to the last link on the first beaded chain.

Step 10 String alternating units A (string seven times) and B (string six times) as shown.

Step 11 Use a crimp bead to attach the beading wire to the last link on the second beaded chain to complete the necklace.