Ring o Rivet
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Ring o Rivet

Go metal with your bead supplies! Dapping tools let you make this "riveting" vintage-inspired ring in just a short while.

It's a creative way to make artisan fine jewelry that’s just your style.

Designed by Mary Feliciano for Horizon Group USA.


Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Dapping Tools Safety Goggles Clear
  • Dapping Tools Shears Blk
  • Dapping Tools Bench Blk Steel Silver
  • Dapping Tools Dapping Block Rubber Blk
  • Dapping Tools Wood Dapping Block Nat
  • Dapping Tools Rng Mandrell Wd Hndle Silver
  • Dapping Tools Steel Hole Punch Silver
  • Dapping Tools Ball Peen Hammer 4 oz. Nat
  • Dapping Tools Long Nose Pliers Blk
  • Dapping Tools Forming Pliers Blk
  • Dapping Tools Ctr Punch Silver
  • Dapping Tools Circle Sre Mtl Blanks Multi
  • Dapping Tools Rivet Mix Multi
  • Dapping Tools Metal Sheets Multi
  • Resin (2-Part Mix)

Project Instructions

Wear your safety goggles before handling dapping tools.


Cut a ½-inch by 3-inch rectangle from one metal brass sheet with your shears, this will be called ring base throughout the instructions. Shape your ring base by folding it around your ring mandrel, and using your forming pliers to roll the rectangle around your ring base when needed. Take your steel hole punch and punch a hole through the middle of your ring base.


Take one large brass tone round metal blank, place it where it fits on your wood dapping block and hammer to form a concave shape. Repeat this using one small silver tone round metal blank.


Mix a 1:1 portion of resin and hardener.


Take your small silver tone concave metal blank from Step 2. Put one small rivet through the hole and flatten the back area to secure the rivet. Take another five small rivets and place them inside the metal blank. Pour in resin until you are close to the top of the small concave blank. Let the resin set for at least 2 hours before continuing. 


Attach your large concave brass blank to your ring base by aligning the holes and hammering through one small rivet using your ball peen hammer.


Take your dried silver-tone blank with rivets and place in the middle area of your brass tone blank that is now connected to your ring base. Pour in resin to hold inner blank with rivet in place. Keep pouring resin until you have filled to the top most area of the outer concave blank. Let this sit to dry overnight.


Your ring is now complete.




File sharp edges with metal files.

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