Ritzy, Glitzy Star Topiary
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Ritzy, Glitzy Star Topiary

Showcase your patriotic pride with a spectacular star topiary that shimmers and shines in red, white, and blue.

Designed by Annabelle Keller for The Dow Chemical Company®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • STYROFOAM® Star, 9 x 1 - inch
  • STYROFOAM® Sheet, 1 x 12 x 36 - inches
  • Clay Pot, 5½ - inches
  • Multipurpose Acrylic Sealer
  • Acrylic Paint, Ultra Blue
  • Acrylic Paint, Bright Red
  • Acrylic Paint, Metallic Silver
  • Paintbrush, ¾ - inch Flat
  • Paintbrush, ½ - inch Flat Wash
  • Paintbrush, No. 5 Round
  • Star Stencil
  • Wooden Dowel, 3/16 - inch diameter x 12 - inch length
  • Glitter, Hologram Silver
  • Glitter, Metallic Royal Blue
  • Glitter, Crimson
  • Party Picks, Metallic Star with sea grass: Red/White/Blue, 5
  • Party Picks, Metallic Star with sea grass: Silver, 5
  • Shredded Mylar, Metallic Silver
  • Transparent Tape, ½ - inch width
  • Sharp Ppencil
  • Scissors
  • Serrated Knife
  • Candle Stub or Paraffin
  • Disposable Palette
  • Paper Towels
  • Wax Paper
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Ruler
  • Thick White Craft Glue

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cut a 7½ - inch length from end of each star party pick. Discard white portion. From the remainder, form five uniform red/blue/silver bundles and tape one end of each to secure. Squeeze glue into taped end and allow to dry.

Step: 2

Curl sea grass with a straight-blade scissors and star stems by wrapping them around your finger.

Step: 3

Apply sealer to clay pot and wooden dowel. Stand dowel in foam sheet and allow sealer to dry.

Step: 4

Paint dowel metallic silver and let dry. Apply a second coat and while still wet, sprinkle with silver glitter. Hint: Sprinkle glitter over a sheet of wax paper and then use paper like a funnel to return excess to original container.

Step: 5

Paint clay pot metallic silver and rim ultra blue; let dry. Using photo as a guide, trace stars from stencil onto pot. Paint stars ultra blue with No. 5 round brush and let dry. Apply a second coat of ultra blue to stars and rim, sprinkling them with metallic royal blue glitter. Then apply a second coat of metallic silver paint to clay pot and sprinkle with silver glitter. Let dry.

Step: 6

Use a sharp pencil to ‘drill’ a hole in edge of foam star at each point. Draw a medium star on front and back of large foam star ½ - inch from edge. Repeat to draw a small star ½ - inch inside medium star (see photo).

Step: 7

Insert a wooden skewer into edge of star at center bottom to use as a handle while painting.

Step: 8

Insert opposite end of skewer into foam sheet while paint dries. Paint 1 - inch edge of large star and small stars (front and back) ultra blue. When dry, apply a second coat and sprinkle with metallic royal blue glitter. Repeat to paint large stars bright red with crimson glitter, and medium stars metallic silver with hologram silver glitter. Allow to dry.

Step: 9

Wax serrated knife with a candle stub or paraffin. Cut pieces of sheet foam to snugly fit clay pot. Layer and glue foam inside pot.

Step: 10

Gently twist modified red/blue/silver party picks into holes at star points until tape is concealed; glue in place. If necessary, enlarge holes with a pencil.

Step: 11

Replace skewer with silver wooden dowel. Insert and glue opposite end of dowel into center of clay pot. Glue shredded Mylar, covering top of foam.


STYROFOAM* brand foam can be painted with an acrylic craft paint. A stiff brush will help you thoroughly paint the textured surface. If you use aerosol paint, carefully read the label to be sure it’s safe for STYROFOAM brand foam. Some aerosol paints contain solvents that will melt the foam.