Rose Cuff
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Rose Cuff

Surround your wrist with roses for a romantic and fun bracelet cuff.

Designed by Carol Heppner, courtesy of Velcro®.


Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Velcro® Fabric Fusion, small

Velcro® Fabric Fusion


Material List

  • Velcro┬« Brand Fabric Fusion fastener
  • Basic Felt, Pink
  • Crystal AB Snowflake Glass 14mm
  • Freshwater Pearl Beads
  • (5) 6mm Rice Beads
  • Glue Gun and Hot Glue or Needle and Thread
  • Iron
  • Ironing Surface
  • Polyester Ribbon, Pink, 7/8"
  • Rose Fabric Flowers
  • Tacky Glue
  • Tape Measure
  • Thin cotton ironing cloth or towel
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters

Project Instructions

To determine the length of ribbon you will need for your cuff, measure your wrist and then add 1 1/4".  Cut the ribbon for your cuff.

Velcro® Fabric Fusion will be the enclosure of the cuff.  Cut two 1/2" pieces of Fabric Fusion tape.  Remove the clear backing from the Fabric Fusion.  Place the adhesive side of the hook tape on the front side of one ribbon end and then place the adhesive side of the loop tape on the back side of the opposite ribbon end.

Heat the iron, choosing the polyester setting.  Place the hook side face down on the ironing surface.  Cover the area on the ribbon to be fused with the thin cotton ironing cloth.  Velcro® Fabric Fusion fastener must be heated for 90 seconds to create a strong bond between the ribbon and the Fabric Fusion.  Work in time frames of 10 seconds each, making sure to keep the iron constantly moving over the area.  Remove the iron from the covered ribbon in between the 10 second time frames.

Remove the rose heads from their stems and then remove the plastic stamen from the center of the roses.

Note: Close the cuff before determining the center of it.  Otherwise, your flowers will be off center.

If you use hot glue to make the cuff, disassemble the flowers and then reassemble them with a very small amount of hot glue in between the layers.  Glue a rice-pearl bead in the center of each flower.  Glue one rose to the center of the cuff.

If you wish to use needle and thread, the needle will have to be thin enough to go through the bead.  Place the thread on the needle and tie an knot in the end.  Slip the threaded-needle through the center of the ribbon cuff and then through the rose.  Slip one rice-pearl bead onto the needle and thread and then place the needle back through the rose.  Make sure the rose and bead are securely on the ribbon and then tie off the thread with a knot.

Cut the glass Crystal Snowflake chain so there are a total of five crystals.  Center and secure the chain to the cuff.  Attach the remainder of the roses to the cuff making sure there is one rose that is placed on the end of the ribbon right above the Velcro® closure.

Cut a piece of pink felt that is slightly thinner than the width of the ribbon and 1/2" smaller in length.  Use a very thin coating of the tacky glue to attach the felt to the inside of the ribbon cuff, making sure not to cover the Velcro® closure.


When ironing Velcro® Fabric Fusion fastener onto the ribbon, use a thin cotton ironing cloth between the ribbon and the iron. Keep the iron moving over the area for the 90 seconds required to attach the Fabric Fusion.