Rose-Sunflower Cake Top Bouquet
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Rose-Sunflower Cake Top Bouquet

A miniature floral nosegay made especially for the cake top adds such a romantic touch to the cake table design. It makes a lasting keepsake when it's made with Modern Romance flowers. Designed by Bucky Farnor, Hirschberg Schutz
Craft Time: Under 30 mins
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Material List

  • Modern Romance Clay Roses
  • Modern Romance Satin Leaves
  • Modern Romance Sunflowers
  • Floral tape, green

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Take apart the flower clusters to make single stems.

Step: 2

Start building cone shape nosegay by one single flower.

Step: 3

Center 3 other flowers &½ inch down the stem of the first flower and tape with floral tape.

Step: 4

Add 3 more flowers just under the second row of flowers and tape to secure. This will start the cone shape you need for the cake top.

Step: 5

Repeat the same method of adding flowers and taping until you have a full nosegay.

Step: 6

Add satin leaves to base of nosegay one at a time to form a ring of leaves under the flowers.

Step: 7

Trim wire ends to 1 ½ inches long and tape. Shape each flower.


We made our cake topper in yellow roses and sunflowers, but Michaels also carries a full range of miniature flowers to choose from. Pick colors that will match your wedding décor.