Safety Pin Watch Band
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Safety Pin Watch Band

Dress up your watch with a colorful beaded safety pin band.

Project courtesy of Darice

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Watch Face of your choice
  • 1-inch Safety Pins
  • 11/0 Toho Seed Beads of choice (3 colors + recommended)
  • 1.0mm Stretchy Cord
  • Flexible Bead Needle
  • Scissors
  • Bead Mat
  • Bead Fix or clear nail polish, optional

Project Instructions

For this watch face, you will need to bead 72 safety pins

Open beads onto bead mat-keeping colors in separate piles.

Open your safety pins and bead each one until it is filled-(about 10-13 beads) leave small space at end to close pin. Set each pin off to the side.

Cut a 36-inch length of stretchy cord.

Thread cord through a flexible beading needle and thread through a hole on one end of the watch face and back through the other end hole. Pull cord so that the watch is centered on the cord.

You can lay out your beaded pins on the mat to create your pattern or just string them randomly.

Begin stringing the cord with the pins.* It is important to alternate pin ends as you string them.

The cord should go through loop at end and the opening in the pin head.

When all the beaded pins are strung, thread needle through hole on other end of the watch face, and knot the end several times. Remove needle from the cord and thread the opposite cord end.

Repeat steps threading the pins on the cord. When you reach the watch face again, thread needle through the hole and tie onto the original knot several times.. It is helpful to hold cord and twist band so wrong side is facing up.

Use a drop of nail polish or Bead Fix to hold the knot. Push extra cord down into the channel and trim off excess.


You may want to add a drop of Bead Fix or clear nail polish to end of knotted cord.

You can string using just a cord; however, a flexible beading needle makes this project go a lot smoother.