Jewelry Twists Sand and Pearls Scatter Necklace and Bracelet
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Jewelry Twists Sand and Pearls Scatter Necklace and Bracelet

Perfect for summer, this necklace and bracelet set combines the color of the sand with pearl beads.

Designed by Wendy Cooper

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Jewelry Twist Strands – Taupe (5)
  • Pearl Beads, 12mm (26)
  • Headpins (26)
  • Jump Rings, 10mm (26)
  • Beads, 3mm (26) – Silver
  • Mix and Mingle Beads, Large Hole (6-8)
  • Scissors
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutter

Project Instructions

On a headpin, add one 3mm silver bead and one 12mm pearl. Make a loop on end, trimming headpin as needed. Attach a 10mm jump ring to loop. Repeat until 26 pearl dangles are made.  

Cut the Taupe Jewelry Twist strands so you have five very long strands. Take one strand and thread on five pearl dangles. Knot ends of strand together. Repeat with three Taupe Jewelry Twist strands. You now have four individual necklaces.  

Take the remaining jewelry strand and slide on a combination of pearl dangles and large hole Mix and Mingle beads along the length of the strand. Knot ends of the strand together. This will be the bracelet.  

To wear, place one necklace around neck. Wrap two more times around neck and reposition loops so that two loops hug the neck like a choker and one loop hangs down. Move all the pearl dangles so they hang together in a cluster on the long loop.  

Take another necklace and wrap around neck 4 times. Position the pearl dangles so they are pleasingly scattered throughout the strand. Repeat with the other two necklaces, placing them over the two already around neck and, again, positioning the pearl dangles in a pleasing manner.


To wear bracelet, loop in half, slide on wrist - adjust loops and wrap several more times. Adjust pearls and loops as desired.