Santa Count Down Canvas
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Santa Count Down Canvas

Keep the whole family waiting for Santa with this fun, DIY Santa count down canvas.

Your kids are sure to love changing the number in the chalkboard ornament as a visit from Santa approaches. It's also a great way to make sure they keep "nice" until he arrives!

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Canvas, Large
  • Martha Stewart Crafts® Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Martha Stewart Crafts® Chalkboard Paint – Black
  • Chalk – White
  • Paintbrushes – Assorted Sizes
  • Circle Object (Such as Bowl), Large
  • Pencil
  • Paper Towel

Project Instructions

Step 1 Paint the background of canvas desired color. Let dry.

Step 2 Using the circle object, trace large circle on half of the canvas and fill in with black chalkboard paint. Let dry.

Step 3 For accuracy, write "Days Until Santa" with a pencil first and then go over with a small paintbrush along the opposite side of the canvas from chalkboard circle. Use paint color of choice and let dry.

Step 4 Paint around the circle to make it look like a big ornament. Let dry.

Step 5 Prime the chalkboard circle by rubbing chalk all over it and wipe off with dry paper towel.

Step 6 Hang on the wall and fill in the days left until Santa comes!

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