Sapphire Agate Pendant
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Sapphire Agate Pendant

Can also turn the stone sideways to give it a different look. All measurements are the same. Designed by Cindy Becker.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Beadalon® German Style Wire, 20-gauge – Hematite (7")
  • Beadalon® German Style Wire, 22-gauge – Hematite (16")
  • Beadalon® German Style Wire, 24-gauge – Hematite (12")
  • Beadalon® Chain Nose Pliers
  • Beadalon® Wire Cutters
  • Beadalon® Bale Maker
  • Beadalon® Round Nose Pliers
  • Bead Gallery® Crackle Agate Sapphire
  • Bead Gallery® Pearl Stars
  • Ruler
  • Masking Tape

Project Instructions

Cut wires to measurements as noted in material list.

Tape three wires together, keeping 20-gauge in center. Keep flat, (side by side).

About ¼" from the end, make 90 degree bend in 26-gauge wire.

Find center of the wire packet and place the 26-gauge wire hook at that location.

Wrap the 26-gauge wire around the bundle six times. Each wrap should be tight and touching.

Approximately 1¼" from the center wrap, repeat previous step. Do this on either side. You should have three wraps.

Remove tape from bundle of wire.

Turn Crackle Agate Sapphire sideways and begin to shape the wire around the stone.

Where ends meet at top, bend upward 90°.

Make a hook on end of 26-gauge wire.

Hold wires together, (where the 90° bends meet), and place the hook around the wire bundle staying close to the top of the Crackle Agate Sapphire.

Make six tight wraps with the 26-gauge to hold the wires together. DO NOT TRIM EXCESS 26-gauge.

Split four wires that are bent upward (two to each side), leaving two 20-gauge wires standing straight up in the center.

Wrap two center wires around larger side of the baler. This is the start of your bale.

Use chain nose pliers and make slight bend on end of bale wires.

Wrap 26 ga. wire around the bale and over the slight bends to secure in place. This is the back of your pendant. Trim excess 26-gauge wire.

Turn design face down so the bale ends are closest to you. Use Beadalon® chain nose pliers and begin to gently pull wires (between bindings) toward the center, forming a cage. Repeat at all four positions.