Scarecrow Girl
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Scarecrow Girl

Glue together a few painted clay pots and you’ve got an adorable scarecrow buddy, sure to bring some smiles.
Designed by Donna Bush, DecoArt Design Team
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • DecoArt® Patio Paint™: Pinecone Brown, Cloud White, Wrought Iron Black, Woodland Brown, Fiesta Yellow, Sweet Pea, Vintage Rose, Tuscan Red
  • 4-inch Terra Cotta Rose Pots (2)
  • 8-inch Terra Cotta Standard Pot
  • 6-inch Terra Cotta Standard Pot
  • Sponge Brush
  • Paintbrushes: #8 Flat, #0 Liner, #4 Round
  • Round Sponge Pouncer Brushes: Large, Medium
  • Foam Sheets: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
  • 15/16-inch x 5 7/8-inch Styrofoam® Discs (2)
  • 5½-inch Styrofoam Ball, halved
  • Styrofoam Egg (for bird)
  • ¼-inch x 24-inch Dowel (sharpened on ends)
  • Natural Raffia
  • Wiggle Eyes (small, for bird)
  • Narrow Ribbon: color(s) of choice
  • Water Container
  • Palette or Plastic Plate
  • Paper Towels
  • E-6000® Adhesive or WeldBond (to adhere pots together)
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Tracing and Transfer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Trace and transfer patterns onto foam sheets for hands, feet, bird beak, bird wings, bird feet, and birdhouse. Use scissors to cut out shapes and set aside. Use craft knife to trim one foam disc to fit bottom of 8-inch pot for collar.

Step: 2

Use sponge brush to paint rose pots with Sweet Pea, 8-inch pot rim and one foam disc with Fiesta Yellow, 8-inch pot base with Tuscan Red and 6-inch pot with Vintage Rose. Paint foam egg shape with Wrought Iron Black for crow.

Step: 3

Trace and transfer face on Vintage Rose pot, flowers and pocket on dress.

Step: 4

Use #8 flat to paint eyes with Wrought Iron Black and nose with Tuscan Red. Use liner and Wrought Iron Black to paint mouth. Use #8 flat and Cloud White to highlight one side of each eye. Use tip of brush handle and white to dot highlight in eyes. Mix small amount of Tuscan Red with Vintage Rose. Use large pouncer to lightly stamp cheeks.

Step: 5

Use round brush and Fiesta Yellow to loosely paint flower petals. Dip round pouncer into Pine Cone Brown. Dab on palette to push paint up into sponge. Dip loaded pouncer edge into a small amount of Woodland Brown. Press on pot and twist slightly to make flower centers. Dip medium pouncer into Sweet Pea and stamp dots randomly between flowers. Use liner brush and Wrought Iron Black to add stitch marks on pocket and rose pot rims.

Step: 6

Position remaining foam disc inside dress pot. Secure with glue.

Step: 7

Position and adhere shoes on rose pot rims.

Step: 8

Position and adhere yellow foam disc on dress pot for collar.

Step: 9

Press foam ball half inside head pot and secure with glue.

Step: 10

Position and adhere head on collar. Adhere raffia hair on head.

Step: 11

Push sharpened dowel through collar for arms.

Step: 12

Adhere wiggle eyes, beak, wings and feet on bottom on crow.

Step: 13

Position and adhere crow and hands on arms.

Step: 14

Position and adhere rose pot legs to foam inside dress pot. (She will balance on one pot with the other at an angle.)

Step: 15

Adhere roof on birdhouse, tie with ribbon and attach to arm.

Step: 16

Tie green ribbon on pigtails.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

Let paint dry between steps.