Scenic Sand


Good old colored sand , and even Sand Dazzle (colored sand with a touch of glitter) is the best kept secret around for a sophisticated and designerly surface that will keep them wondering just HOW you did it.

Durable Matte Surface

Regular sand sprinkled onto any wet surface will add a velvety finish. For delicate colors work over white without any paint or other undercolor. For more robust tones , match the sand color to the undercolor. For interesting shadings and effects use contrasting sand colors to the color underneath. For a greater depth apply a layer of Tacky Glue over the painted area and cover with sand color(s) of choice. Glue will appear opaque until dry.

Sugar Painting

An old craft that was beautiful , and not quite as stable as it might have been. Now you can simulate this delicate accenting on any surface , from glass to paper and back again easily and economically. Add a touch of texture and just a hint of sparkle with White Sand Dazzle. Apply glue to decorated surface , anything from a fine line and spot accents to covering the entire surface , and simply shake White Sand Dazzle on to the glue surface. Glue is dry when clear. Colors will be a touch frosted and the slightest bit glittery. Ideal for cards and simple stationery.

Another Stamping Effect

Stamp image onto surface of choice using a stamp adhesive like Boss! Embossing Clear or tinted , shake colored sand; scented sand or sand dazzle onto the stamped design as you would an embossing powder , heat quickly to set. It will give you a crystalline frosted effect. Sand Scents are out standing for the added effect of scent when making cards.

Instant Marquetry

Sand has a marvelous transparency when used as a surface finish. Over wood it takes on a warm inviting glow. Use a double-sided transparent adhesive. Apply it to the wood and cut away protective layer exposing sticky surface color by color in your design. Shake on the sand , rub to imbed and shake off the excess. Repeat until all colors are complete. Any clear drying liquid adhesive - such as Mighty Tacky Glue can also be used. Glue dries clear allowing the sand to catch the light in its crystals on the surface.

Interior Designer's Wall Surfaces

We've all seen sand mixed into paint for a rough textured wall. Consider the effect of a colored sand applied in a glaze , tone on tone. Or adding the effect of random frosting by dipping your rag into sand as you rag roll the wall. Colored sand into the base coat to be exposed or into the glaze coat , either gives you a novel surface. Sprinkling onto a wet painted wall can give you weathered stone effect. Using the full palette available in Scenic Sand line offers almost an infinite variety of textures and effects when combined with your imagination and paints.

Jewelry Applications

Contrast the shiny polished surfaces with sand , for a special frosty appearance. As an over applique with glue , imbedded into your polymer clay before curing or surfaced to it with a varnish afterwards; (especially striking with the transparent Fimo) Apply it to Friendly Plastic , still soft with heat , or spot accent it after the fact with Mighty Tacky Glue. Tooling Foil is made even more dimensional with a sand accent.

Masks and More

Fabric Adhesives allow the sand to adhere and remain flexible. Masks take on even greater dimension , with the economical addition of sand with or without color underneath. Sand added to plasters for casting add texture and surface design.

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