Sculpey® Long Beard Santa Ornament
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Sculpey® Long Beard Santa Ornament

Make theis easy Santa ornament for your tree, gifts and craft shows.

Designed by Helen Terlalis Dorn

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Super Sculpey® Firm, small

Super Sculpey® Firm

 Sculpey® Modeling Tools, small

Sculpey® Modeling Tools


Material List

  • Sculpey® III, 2 oz. bars (Moss, Pink, Red Hot Red, White)
  • Sculpey® Clay Extruder
  • Pink Chalk or Eye Makeup
  • Eye Pin
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black Permanent Marker

Project Instructions

Make 1-1/8-inch Super Sculpey® ball and flatten for face. Rub chalk lightly on face to make cheeks.


Using Clay Extruder and multi-strand "spaghetti" disk, extrude White strings. Press strings to face bottom to make beard.



Make 1/8-inch Pink ball and press in with pointed tool to make mouth. Make two 1/4” White balls into teardrops and curve the ends to make mustache. Make ¼-inch Super Sculpey® ball for nose. Make two 1/8-inch White balls and roll into small strings for eyebrows. Press on face as shown in photo.



Shape 1-inch ball Red Hot Red into long cone for hat. Press on head. Make 9/16-inch White ball and roll into log for hatband. Press on bottom of hat. Make two ¼-inch Moss balls, flatten and shape into leaves. Make tiny Red Hot Red ball and indent with pointed tool to make holly berry. Press leaves and berry on hat. Make two 3/16-inch Red Hot Red balls; shape into teardrops and press together to make heart. Press heart on beard. Insert eye pin in top of hat for ornament hanger.

Bake according to manufacturer's instructions. When cool, draw eyes with marker. Add highlights to nose, cheeks and eyes with white acrylic paint.


Follow manufacturer's instructions for conditioning and baking clay. After using tools with polymer clay, do not use with food.