Sea Shell Necklace
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Sea Shell Necklace

To add color, use one of the colored Natural Shells, (blue, green, etc.). To shorten or lengthen necklace, add or decrease number of Burnt Sienna beads.

Designed by Cindy Becker.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Beadalon® German Style Wire, 20 ga. – Antique Brass (28")
  • Beadalon® German Style Wire, 22 ga. – Antique Brass (21")
  • Beadalon® Chain Nose Pliers
  • Beadalon® Wire Cutters
  • Beadalon® Bale Maker
  • Beadalon® Round Nose Pliers
  • Bead Landing™ Mixed Beads – Burnt Sienna
  • Bead Landing™ Shell Disks
  • Natural Shell Round Shape
  • Ruler
  • Masking Tape

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut two 12" pieces of 20 ga. wire.

Step 2 Using middle of the tool, place round nose pliers approximately ¾" from wire end. This will form a hook shape.

Step 3 Slide hook through hole of one Shell Disk and using chain nose pliers to hold the loop in place, wrap excess wire.

Step 4 Cut 4" piece of 20 ga. wire.

Step 5 Slide one natural shell bead over 4" wire. Using round nose pliers, make bend in wire to form a hook and follow same instructions as in Step 2.

Step 6 Attached to larger Shell Disk by using chain nose pliers to hold the loop in place, and wrapping the excess wire.

Step 7 Attached opposite to a second Shell Disk.

Step 8 String six or seven Burnt Sienna beads onto the right 20 ga. wire.

Step 9 Cut 2" piece of 22 ga. wire.

Step 10 Using round nose pliers make curly design by twisting four times. Bend end up 90°.

Step 11 Place one of the natural shells onto the wire. Using chain nose pliers make 90° bend.

Step 12 Using round nose pliers, make small loop on end.

Step 13 Slide loop onto the 20 ga. wire.

Step 14 Repeat Steps 8-13 three additional times. You will have three natural shells with Burnt Sienna beads in between.

Step 15 Continue adding Burnt Sienna beads until the right side of the necklace is approximately 7" from the Shell Disk.

Step 16 Tape end with masking tape to hold beads in place.

Step 17 Repeat Steps 8-16 on opposite side.

Step 18 Cut three 2" pieces of 22 ga. wire.

Step 19 Repeat Steps 10-12.

Step 20 Attach one natural shell to right center of the necklace.

Step 21 Repeat with left center of the necklace.

Step 22 Remove tape from right wire.

Step 23 Repeat Steps 10-12 -- however, use round part of the baler to form the loop. Wrap wire at base of loop and continue wrapping until it fits snugly between the loop and the beads. This will keep the beads in place. Trim excess wire.

Step 24 Remove tape from left wire and approximately 1-½" from beads, use round nose pliers to bend wire, forming a hook.

Step 25 Wrap excess wire around the long beaded wire until it touches the beads, keeping them in place.

Step 26 Using round nose pliers, bend wire in half. Using smaller end of round nose pliers, slightly bend the end up.


Adult supervision is required at all times.