Setting the Perfect Easter Table

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Setting the Perfect Easter Table

Easter is the perfect time to bring a change of decor to your home by adding bright flowers and fun colors to your decor! There is no easier way to bring the season to life than at the table. Invite your guests to a beautiful Easter brunch or dinner at your newly set spring table.

First, a tall floral arrangement in the center of the table will bring height and interest to the space by adding a focal point, but one that is above your seated guests so they do not have to look over it to enjoy conversation. For a quick arrangement, use a tall glass vase, fill the bottom with a piece of floral foam, then add with silk flower petals in a light color around the foam. The petals will hide the unsightly foam, and the foam will be used to hold stems in place. Use flowers of the season such as roses, calla lillies and hydrangeas for your larger flowers. Add smaller flowers such as small wildflowers or branch stems such as dogwood or cherry blossom to fill in the spaces between your larger stems. Wrap a ribbon around the tall vase to add visual interest and a bit of color to the entire arrangement.

Delicate details such as napkin rings with a fun gerber daisy head attached and playful ceramic bunnies add both color and theme to the table. Tie different colors of ribbons or tulle to the backs of chairs, it finishes the table by adding pops of unexpected color to delight the eye.

Finally, in lieu of creating an Easter basket for each guest, add "favors" to the table such as a small pre-made flower arrangement. They are a perfect gift to say "Thank you" for coming to dinner.