Silver Crystal Crusted Stretch Bracelets
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Silver Crystal Crusted Stretch Bracelets

Glamorous but not over the top, our silver crystal encrusted bracelet is a divine accessory that is like a bouquet for your wrist. The dramatic look is achieved with the simple repetition of one outstanding component. Built on a stretchy foundation, the pattern is endless, there’s no clasp to fumble with and it is super comfortable to wear. Designed by Halcraft USA, Inc.
Craft Time: varies
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Material List

  • Crystal and Silver Components, 11 Pcs. (this may vary by one less or more depending on size needed)
  • Crystal Bicones, 4mm, 22 Pcs. (may vary by 2 depending on size of wrist)
  • Clear Stretch Cord
  • Craft Glue (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cut 2 12-inch pieces of stretch cord. The extra length will make it easier to tie knots in the end. You may want to begin by securing the 2 cord ends with a piece of tape folded over, or attach it to a table so you beads won’t accidentally slide off.

Step: 2

Thread onto each strand an alternating pattern of 4mm bicone and crystal and silver component (component has holes for 1 strand at top and 1 strand at bottom).

Step: 3

Continue the pattern until the desired length is reached. The sample shown is 22 crystal and silver components in length.

Step: 4

You can check the size of the bracelet on your wrist before tying the final knots so extra pieces can be added or removed.

Step: 5

Tie a double overhand knot to finish each strand. Slowly stretch the cord taut while tying knots so the knot will be tight when complete. Use a drop of glue for extra security. Once the glue is dry, trim the excess cords.


Refer to photo to complete project. Follow manufacturer's directions for all products used.