Sink Skirt Cover-Up
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Sink Skirt Cover-Up

There’s nothing worse than a wall-mounted sink that exposes unfinished plumbing parts on display. It also wastes the precious floor space below it and provides no additional storage.

A tailored skirt is a nice way to decrease the institutional vibe and increase the value of the usable real estate underneath the sink. The best part? No sewing is needed!

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Command™ Small Wire Hooks or Utensil Hooks
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Pads
  • Grommets, Small
  • Grommet Pliers
  • Fusible Bonding
  • Steam Iron
  • Ironing Board
  • Cloth Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Fabric

Project Instructions

Step 1 Use the cloth tape measure to determine the perimeter of the sink at its widest point, as well as the height from the floor to the top edge of the bowl.

Step 2 Measure and cut your fabric:

· Add 5" to the overall height to allow for a 1" fold over at top and a 4" fold over hem at bottom.

· Double the width to add fullness.

· Then add 2" to the width for fold-over.

Step 3 Using the steam iron, press a 1" fold on the top and two sides and a 4" fold along the bottom.

Step 4 Place fusible bonding underneath each fabric fold-over, and iron the folds closed. The steam activates the bonding and turns it into glue.

Step 5 To make the inverted pleats, start at the back of the skirt, and measure 5" in from the edge. Then gather and pinch together a 4" section of fabric. Iron that pinch of fabric down against the skirt, and seal down the top 4" with fusible bonding. Continue to iron the fold along the entire height of the skirt. Replicate this pattern until you reach the other end of the fabric.

Step 6 Measure 1¾" from the top of your skirt, and make a mark in the center of each 5" section that you created in Step 5.

Step 7 With a pair of scissors, punch through the fabric at your marks. Then snip a small “x” using the punched hole as the center point.

Step 8 On the front of the fabric, push the front half of the grommet into the hole. Then turn the fabric over, and place the grommet back over the grommet stem.

Step 9 Using grommet pliers, pinch the grommet halves together for a permanent finished opening. Repeat Steps 7-9 for all of your grommet marks.

Step 10 Clean the outer surface of the sink with rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad.

Step 11 Use a cloth tape measure to determine the placement of your hooks, coordinating with the measurements of the grommets on your skirt. Make a pencil mark where each hook will be placed.

Step 12 Apply Command™ small wire hooks to the center of each of your marks, and be sure to follow the directions for application.

Step 13 Finally, slip each grommet opening onto the hooks to hang the skirt around the sink.


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