Sitting Pretty
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Sitting Pretty

You and your guests will be sitting pretty with chair covers that sparkle to the extreme! Create these super chic chevron designs with a sponge, Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™ and Tulip® Fashion Glitter™.

Designed by Pattie Wilkinson, courtesy of iLoveToCreate™.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™, small

Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™

 Tulip® Fashion Glitter™, small

Tulip® Fashion Glitter™


Material List

  • Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ – Silver Fine Jewel
  • Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint(TM) – Platinum Metallic
  • Fabric – Gray
  • Celebrate It® Ribbon, 2" – Silver (4"- 22")
  • Miracle Sponge
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread – Color to Match
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Chalk
  • Iron
  • Paper Plate
  • Measuring Tape
  • Container with Water

Project Instructions

Measure chair backs and cut fabric to cover front and back of chairs, with a 1" margin on all sides. Fold edges under, press, and sew flat.

Use chalk to draw a line horizontally across the bottom of your chair cover where you want the bottom of your chevron designs to be. (Pictured are chevron designs a little less than halfway up the back of the chair cover.) Mark the desired center of designs as well; this is where the apex of your center chevron will be. Refer to photo.

Cut miracle sponge into two opposing chevron shapes. Rehydrate in water.

Squeeze Soft Fabric Paint™ onto paper plate. Lightly press first sponge into paint, making sure sponge surface is evenly covered.

Beginning at your center mark, sponge on your chevron pattern, alternating sponges to create zigzag pattern. Repeat on other side of center mark.

As you sponge on each chevron design, sprinkle Silver Fine Jewel glitter onto the wet paint. Let dry.

Repeat chevron pattern approximately 1" above first one. Let dry.

Sew ribbon sections on back sides of chair covers, approximately 2" up from bottom edge on each side. Drape over your chairs and tie ribbon lengths together on each side.


Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™ acts as an adhesive for Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ while it’s wet, so make sure to add glitter to your designs immediately after sponging on paint.