Skyline Bracelet
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Skyline Bracelet

You don't even need to knot the ends of the Hybraid™ on this bracelet! When you're finished, just make an extra pass through the last few beads and add a drop of Beadalon® Bead Stringing Glue.

Designed by Katie Hacker.

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Wrap Leather Bracelet, small

Wrap Leather Bracelet


Material List

  • Leather Wrap Bracelet, 5/8"
  • Hybraid™ Hybrid Stringing Cord (2 Yds.)
  • 6/0 Seed Beads – Assorted Iris, Silver and Gray
  • Flexible Beading Needle
  • Beadalon® Bead Stringing Glue
  • Bead Stopper

Project Instructions

Step 1
Attach a bead stopper to one end of the two-yard length of Hybraid.

Step 2
Attach a needle to the other end and pass through three

Step 3
Holding the seeds against the front of the bracelet, pass around the bracelet and through the beads to make a complete stitch.

Step 4
Pass around and through the beads twice more.

Step 5
For the next stitch, add three beads and pass through them just twice (instead of three times).

Step 6
Continue adding beads until you near the end of the Hybraid™.

Step 7
Pass through the last row of beads three times and add a drop of glue inside the beads.

Step 8
Once the glue is dry, cut off any extra Hybraid™