Sleek & Stainless CD Mail Organizer
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Sleek & Stainless CD Mail Organizer

Stop the paper chase with this clever desktop organizer. Recycled CDs inserted in a block of STYROFOAM™ brand foam will help keep track of pressing paperwork.
Designed by Kathleen George for The Dow Chemical Company
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Block: 4-inch x 12-inch x 2-inch
  • Recycled CDs (5)
  • Specialty Papers: Silver Textured, Silver Corrugated, Silver Mirrored Tagboard
  • X-Acto® Knife with sharp blade
  • Putty Knife: 1-inch
  • Craft Pins
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Straight Edge
  • Thick White Craft Glue

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cut two 2-inch x 12-inch and two 2-inch x 4-inch strips of silver textured paper to cover sides of foam block. Cut a 4-inch x 12-inch piece of silver mirrored tagboard to cover top of block.

Step: 2

Spread a thin, even coat of glue onto one side of block using a the putty knife. Adhere corresponding paper piece; if needed secure corners with straight pins until dry. Trim excess paper. Repeat to cover remaining sides and top.

Step: 3

Cut four ½-inch x 2-inch strips of silver corrugated paper-corrugated ribs should be vertical. Fold strips in half vertically and glue to the four vertical corners, covering edges.

Step: 4

Using a pencil and straight edge, lightly mark five evenly spaced lines across the top of the block. Carefully cut slots in paper using X-Acto knife.

Step: 5

Carefully push a CD straight down into each slot about 1½-inch deep and remove. Lay a bead of white craft glue over the slot and replace each CD firmly. Let dry.


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