Smoothfoam™ Carnival Clown
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Smoothfoam™ Carnival Clown

Have fun clowning around with this project! Simple and fun, everyone will love creating their very own carnival clown!

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Smoothfoam™ Balls- Assorted Sizes (3)
  • Wood Dowels (2)
  • Creatology™ Felt- Yellow and Blue
  • Creatology™ Pom Poms, Mini
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Craft Paint- Habanero, Rubber Ducky, Greek Tile, Wedding Cake, and Beetle Black
  • Wood Plaque
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Styrofoam® Cutter

Project Instructions

Paint half of the large ball, for the body, Rubber Ducky and the other half Habanero. Let dry.

Paint small, medium and large white polka dots onto the body, with Wedding Cake paint. Let dry.

Paint the medium ball with Wedding Cake and the smallest ball Habanero. Let dry.

Determine the length of the wood dowels for the legs and cut. Paint dowels with Wedding Cake and dry. Once dry, paint Beetle Black stripes and let dry.

Paint a face on the medium Wedding Cake ball.

Paint the wood plaque Beetle Black. Let Dry.

Cut the small Habanero painted ball in half for the clown's shoes. Poke a hole in the top center of each shoe with dowel. Add hot glue into the hole and insert the dowel legs. Let dry.

Poke holes at the base of the large painted ball, add hot glue and insert the legs to the body.

Hot glue the head onto the top of the body.

Glue the feet of the clown to the wood plaque.

Cut a triangle from the yellow felt to make a tall pointed hat. Glue on to head.

Cut a circle from the blue felt to make a collar. Cut a small hole in the center and slit it on one side. Fit it between the head and the body and glue together.

Add mini pom poms to the base of the hat, around the collar, for buttons down the front, and a red one for the nose.


Craft Notes

Adult supervision required at all times.