Snake Print & Spikes Necklace
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Snake Print & Spikes Necklace

Make this edgy necklace by combing Bead Gallery® snake print beads and hematite spikes.

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Gallery® Patterned Glass Rounds, 10mm – Black/White Snake (17)
  • Bead Gallery® Faceted Rounds, 10mm Hematite (7)
  • Bead Gallery® Color Cones, Small – Hematite (7)
  • Beadalon® German-Style Wire, 22-gauge – Hematite
  • Beadalon® Chain with Large Lobster Clasp – Hematite
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut a 1½"-2" length of wire and make a basic loop on one end.

Step 2 Pass the wire through a 10mm bead and make another loop.

Step 3 Repeat Steps 1-2 for all of the beads except for one.

Step 4 Connect bead links together to assemble the following bead chains:
a. Snake/Hematite/(3) Snake/Cone
b. (2) Snake/Hematite/(2) Snake/Cone
c. (2) Snake/Hematite/Snake/Cone
d. (2) Snake/Hematite/Cone.

Step 5 Cut a piece of chain that is 18" (or the desired length of the necklace).

Step 6 Connect the longest bead chain to the center link on the necklace.

Step 7 Leave three blank links on each side of the center dangle, then attach the next-longest bead chains.

Step 8 Attach the remaining bead chains in a graduated pattern, leaving three blank links between bead chains.

Step 9 Cut a 2½" length of wire and use chain-nose pliers to fold the end back by 1/16".

Step 10 Pass the wire through a snake print bead and make a wrapped loop to attach it to one end of the necklace.

Step 11 Open the chain to attach the lobster clasp to the other end of the necklace (or use a jump ring).


You can completely change the look of this necklace simply by switching out the snake print beads. Try 10mm rounds in a different animal print, a neon color or another trendy style.
Animal prints are hot! Make your own bead links using snake print beads to create this eye-catching cascade necklace with spunky, spiky style.