Snap Fasteners
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Snap Fasteners

Item# nw0951

Includes 7 pairs of size 16 snap fasteners in silver finish.

Size:  16 (7/16 in/11.1 mm)

Instructions:  Test on swatch of fabric.  Use 2 layers of light to medium-weight fabric, reinforced with interfacing. 1. Mark position of snaps on overlap and underlap of garment. 2. On right side of garment overlap, push prong (A) into fabric at mark, turn over. 3. Position socket (B), raised center down, over prongs. 4. Center thread spool over socket; hammer firmly (E). 5. Repeat for stud (C) and prong (D) on underlap of garment. Make sure stud is on the outside of underlap and spool center hole is positioned over stud.

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