Snowman Gift Pot
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Snowman Gift Pot

Paint this cheerful snowman pot to fill with Christmas goodies the recipient will love. The pot can be reused next Christmas and will be a wonderful reminder of your thoughtfulness!

Designed by Jean Kievlan for DecoArt® Americana®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Americana Acrylic Paint, small

Americana Acrylic Paint


Material List

  • Stencil Brush
  • Chaco Paper
  • Pink Powder Blush

Project Instructions

Paint the rim of the pot Snow White.

Paint the pot True Red.

When dry, paint the inside of the pot Hauser Light Green.

Paint a wavy line of Snow White around the bottom inch of the pot.

Transfer the snowman, tree and star designs to the pot using Chaco Paper.

Paint the snowman Snow White, and then shade edges with Turquoise Blue.

Paint snowman’s arms Milk Chocolate and the paint scarf True Blue.

Paint nose Tangelo Orange, then dot eyes and mouth with Ebony Black.

Paint trees Light Avocado.

Add detail lines with Hauser Light Green.

Paint tree trunks with Milk Chocolate.

Paint stars Mustard Seed, then shade with Tangelo Orange.

Paint saying “Happy Holidays” on pot rim, or personalize with name of your choice.

When paint is thoroughly dry, rub snowman’s cheeks with Pink powder blush.

Thin Snow White paint slightly with water.

Dip a stencil brush into the paint, and then “flick” your fingers over the bristles to spatter paint onto the pot.

Fill pot with goodies!


  • DecoArt ® Americana® Acrylic Paint (Snow White, Ebony Black, Light Avocado, Hauser Light Green, Tangelo Orange, True Blue, Milk Chocolate, True Red, Mustard Seed, Turquoise Blue)
  • American Painter® Paintbrushes (3/4-inch Wash, #12 Shader, #1 and #3 Round)
  • Stencil Brush
  • Chaco Paper
  • Pink Powder Blush


Use a stencil brush and Snow White paint to create spattering on the pot.