Snowman Push-Up Pops
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Snowman Push-Up Pops

I’m so excited that you can now find push-up pop containers at Michaels! Wilton is making them and you’ll find them as “treat pops” in the baking aisle!  These push-up pop containers are perfect for serving up layered desserts for holiday parties. Here is a new push-up pop creation just for you. Serve these frosty snowmen at your holiday party!

Designed by Courtney Dial Whitmore:


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Photograph by Kyle Dreier from Push-Up Pops by Courtney Dial Whitmore.  Reprinted with permission by Gibbs Smith

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Wilton’s Treat Pop – Push-Up Pop Containers
  • 1 recipe white cake (or 1 box white cake mix)
  • 4 cups white buttercream frosting
  • Oreo cookies (regular and mini)
  • Wilton Candy Melts in white
  • Wilton Fondant
  • Wilton Gel Colors
  • Candy coated sunflower seeds in orange
  • Black sprinkles
  • Black edible ink pen
  • Colored sprinkles and sanding sugars for decoration

Project Instructions

Bake white cake according to recipe instructions in a rimmed cookie sheet (sometimes called a jelly roll pan). Flip push-up popover to cut out 2 circles of cake per push-up pop.

Crumble excess cake into mixing bowl and add frosting (one tablespoon at a time) until a cake ball consistency is achieved(able to be rolled into a ball that holds shape). One cake ball is needed for each push-up pop. Refrigerate cake balls for at least 15 minutes.

Start layering snowmen push-up pops by placing first cake round in bottom of push-up pop. Next, pipe in a swirl of white frosting. Top with second cake round. Pipe another swirl of white frosting.

Melt candy melts and dip chilled cake balls into melted candy. While hardening, decorate with black sprinkles as eyes, sunflower seed as nose, and Oreos as hat.

Roll out fondant in desired colors and cut long,rectangular strips to form scarves. Decorate by attaching sprinkles onto fondant with dabs of frosting. Wrap fondant scarves around cake balls and press to secure.

When cake balls are hard, draw on mouth lines with edible gourmet pen.

Enjoy your snowmen push-up pops!