Southwest Rancher Lariat Necklace
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Southwest Rancher Lariat Necklace

Express your modern pioneering spirit by creating this strong yet feminine rancher necklace.

Designed by June Beach

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing Medallion Pendant from the Sedona Collection
  • Bead Landing Southwest Cross Charms from the Sedona Collection, 3 count
  • Bead Landing Gunmetal Chain
  • Bead Landing Antique Silver Chain
  • Large Top Drilled Turquoise Beads, 3 count
  • Turquoise and Black Beads
  • Gunmetal Headpins, 4 count
  • Gunmetal Clasp
  • Gunmetal Jump Rings, 6 count
  • Silver Wire

Project Instructions

Weave the antique silver chain through the gunmetal chain.  Secure each end with a jump ring to hold chain together.


Open jump ring with pliers.  Attach Medallion pendant to the jump ring at the end of one side of the chain.  Close jump ring securely.


Use jump rings to place the cross charms onto the chain above the pendant.  Stagger placement of the charms onto both side of the chain.


Take a headpin and slide the turquoise and black bead onto the headpin.  Use the round nose pliers to bend the wire into a loop right above the bead. Attach to the chain above the pendant and mixed around the charms.  Use the side cutters to trim excess wire from the headpin and secure the end of the headpin with the pliers. Repeat for each bead.


To wire wrap the large top-drilled pieces of turquoise.  Cut a piece of wire, slide through the top drilled holes, pull toward each other and wrap one end of the wire above the top part of the bead around the other wire end.   Use the round nose pliers to bead the wire into a loop right above the bead.  Attach the wire to the chain and wrap the wire around the wire stem to secure to the chain. 


Leave wire ends long.  Use pliers to create a circle at the ends and curl the wire to create a wire circle.  Bend and shape the top of each bead.


Attach a jump ring at the end of the open end of chain.  Place the clasp onto the jump ring.  Close jump ring securely with pliers.


The clasp can be connected anywhere above the cluster of beads and charms to create the adjustable lariat effect to the necklace.


Enjoy your Southwest Rancher Lariat Necklace!