Spell My Love Earrings
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Spell My Love Earrings

Shimmering with feminine style, these heart earrings are simple and fun to create with dapping tools.

Designed by Mary Feliciano for Horizon Group USA.

Craft Time: Under 30 mins
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Dapping Tools Safety Goggles Clear
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Chain Nose Pliers
  • Dapping Tools Shapes Heart Cross Blanks Mlti
  • Dapping Tools Bench Blk Steel Silver
  • Dapping Tools Dapping Block Rubber Blk
  • Dapping Tools Steel Hole Punch Silver
  • Dapping Tools Ball Peen Hammer 4 Oz. Nat
  • Dapping Tools Long Nose Pliers Blk
  • Dapping Tools Letter Stamp Set 1/16 Silver

Project Instructions

Wear your safety goggles before handling dapping tools.


Take one silver tone heart shape metal blank, place it on your steel bench block, take two random letter stamps and place on the metal blank and hammer using the flat end of the ball peen hammer to create the letter impression. Repeat this process taking two different letters each time until you have about 50 letters stamped on the metal blank. Make two sets.


Take your steel hole punch and punch three holes on the center most bottom of your heart shape metal blank. Punch one hole above the point of the heart and then the additional two holes on each side of the center hole. Repeat on your second heart.


Cut two pieces of rolo chain, each 1 ½-inch long. Cut four pieces of smaller silver chain, each 1-inch long.


Using your pliers, take your first rolo chain and attach it to the middle hole on the heart shape bottom. Take your first silver 1-inch chain and attach on the right hand side hole on the same metal blank. Take your third silver 1-inch chain and attach on the left hand side hole on the same metal blank. Repeat the step above using your second heart shape blank pieces of rolo chain.


Take one earring wire and connect to the top middle hole of your first heart metal blank. Repeat process using your second heart metal blank and second earring wire.


Your earrings are now complete.