Spiked Macrame Bracelet
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Spiked Macrame Bracelet

Accessorize the summer with Bead Landing™! Designed by Mykeall Shepherd.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing™ Craft Beads - Spiked Stud and Metal Button
  • Bead Landing™ Hemp Cord, 20 lb.
  • Scissors

Project Instructions



Step 1 Cut the hemp cord into one 20" strand and one 60" strand. Fold the short cord in half and tape the fold onto a working surface. Center the long cord under the two middle strands. Fold the right cord over the middle strands and under the left cord.

Step 2 Pull the left cord under the right and middle strands and through the loop on the right side. Pull tightly and slide the knot up to create a small loop. The loop should be able to slide over the small button.

Step 3 Continue the square knot by folding the left cord over the middle strands and under the right cord. Pull the right cord under the left and middle strands and through the loop on the left side.

Step 4 Pull tightly and repeat the steps – left, right, left, right. Stop knotting after about 1".

Step 5 Thread a Bead Landing™ spiked stud craft bead onto the two middle strands. Continue knotting for about six more knot steps – left, right, left, right.

Step 6 Repeat Step 5 until you have thread a total of four spiked stud craft beads.

Step 7 Continue knotting for about another inch.

Step 8 Measure the bracelet around the wrist to check the fit. From the first knot to the last, the fit should be rather tight.

Step 9 To finish the bracelet, tie a knot with all strands. Thread the Bead Landing™ metal button craft bead, two strands in each hole. Now tie another knot with all strands and trim excess cording to desired length.