Starry Succulent Rose Pot
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Starry Succulent Rose Pot

Let your inner star shine with a golden potted succulent.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Krylon® Spray Paint – Gold
  • Styrofoam Ball, Small
  • Succulent Stems
  • Rose Pot
  • Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage -- Gloss
  • Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Paper
  • Martha Stewart Crafts® Paint -- Gold
  • Martha Stewart Crafts® Paint -- Beetle Black

Project Instructions

Step 1 Paint the rose pot Beetle Black. Let dry. 

Step 2 Paint Styrofoam® ball gold and let dry. 

Step 3 Spray paint succulents with gold Krylon® spray paint. Let dry.

Step 4 Cut Martha Stewart Crafts® decoupage papers into star shapes and use the decoupage glue to adhere to the rose pot. Be sure to add decoupage to the pot first. Using a paintbrush, add the paper on top of the glue, and then brush more glue back over the paper to smooth and seal.

Step 5 Using hot glue, secure the Styrofoam® ball inside the clay pot.

Step 6 Hot glue the succulent stems into place on the foam ball. Let dry.