Steampunk Treasure Trunk
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Steampunk Treasure Trunk

Create a keepsake box just as unique as the trinkets you’ll store inside! Let your inner edginess shine with metal items from around the house and Aleene’s® Jewelry & Metal Glue®. Pattie Wilkinson, courtesy of iLoveToCreate™, a Duncan Enterprises Company
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Aleene’s® Jewelry & Metal Glue®
  • Metal Box
  • Gold Chain (ong enough to wrap around the perimeter of box)
  • Metal Objects (beads, brooch, key, frame, buttons, washers, gears, etc.)
  • Masking Tape

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Glue chain around the sides of box with Aleene’s® Jewelry & Metal Glue®, holding in place with masking tape. Set aside until dry.

Step: 2

Arrange metal objects on top of the box as desired, using photo as a guide.

Step: 3

Lift one object at a time and glue into place. Tape to hold objects in place if necessary.

Step: 4

Let dry overnight. Remove masking tape.


Raid your jewelry box for junk jewelry or the tool box for metal objects to really add some “punk” to your project!