Street Lace "Table Setting"
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Street Lace "Table Setting"

Create this elegant Table Setting using Die Cuts with a View’s® Street Lace Stack. This one-hour project includes a beautiful menu, rose napkin holder, and card. This table setting is perfect for weddings or anniversaries.

Designed by Kathy Dobson for Die Cuts with a View®.

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • The Street Lace Premium Stack - (Large Black Flowers), (Small Black Flowers)
  • The Street Lace Cardstock Stack - (Black), (Hot Pink), (Cream)
  • Roses Template
  • Card Template
  • Vellum Paper
  • Black Satin Ribbon
  • Sheer Black Ribbon
  • Computer Printer
  • Scoring Tool
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Scissors

Project Instructions


Cut out 4 ½” x 8” from (Black). This will be the main body of menu.

Cut out 4” x 7” from (Hot Pink).

Cut out 3 ¾” x 6” from (Small Black Flowers).

Print the following from vellum: A welcome cover, a menu, and love story. Ensure that the typography will fit the center body of card.

Trim vellum to fit the cardstock pieces.

Layer and adhere cardstock and vellum pieces to fit in the center of the main body.

Cut out 4 ½” x 1” from (Small Black Flowers) and adhere across the top of card.

Cut out 4 ½” x 1” from (Black). Cut a curved bottom edge and adhere below (Small Black Flowers). Trim as necessary.

Wrap and tie a bow across top of card.

Rose Napkin Holder:

Using the Roses Template*, trace and cut out rose shape from cardstock. The template includes several sizes of roses to choose from.

To create a rose, start with the center of the circular strip. Wrap strip into a rose shape and hot glue together as you wrap.

Curl rose petals tips by wrapping around pencil.

Tie sheer ribbon in a bow around napkin and cutlery.

Hot glue a rose to the center of the bow.


Trace and cut Card Template* from (Black). Score and fold.

Trace the curved front flap of card onto (Large Black Flowers). Cut out and adhere to the front flap of card.


Measurements are width x length *Rose and card templates are needed to create projects