Studded Oxfords
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Studded Oxfords

Whether you prefer Plain-Jane oxfords, Mary Jane ballet flats, t-straps or platform wedges, it's easy to spiff them up with Fashion Fusion Iron-on Studs. Just remember to use a dishtowel or iron cloth to protect the studs as you iron.

Designed by Linsey Stiles

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Fashion Fusion Iron-on Studs – Square Silver
  • Shoes -- Your Choice
  • Iron
  • Mini Iron Cloth (or Fabric)

Project Instructions

Step 1  Decide on placement of studs on shoes.

Step 2  Cut a sheet of studs into rows for easy placement. Remove black backing from studs and stick into place onto the shoes.

Step 3  Using an iron cloth or fabric for protection over studs, iron the studs on Medium to High setting using a mini-iron (if heat is too high, glue will seep out from under the studs).

Step 4  Let studs cool. Remove clear plastic from studs, and check that they are secure. Use iron cloth to re-iron if needed.