Sugar Plum Snowmen
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Sugar Plum Snowmen

Want to bring in the feel of the outdoors…without the cold? This set of snowmen will bring the wonder of snow into your home all season long.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Lion Brand® Homespun®, small

Lion Brand® Homespun®


Material List

  • Recollections™ Paper Pad, 12"x12" – Sugar Plum
  • Styrofoam® Ball, 5"
  • Styrofoam® Ball, 4"
  • Styrofoam® Ball (6 Pk.), 3"
  • Styrofoam® Ball (6 Pk.), 2½"
  • Styrofoam® Ball (12 Pk.), 2"
  • Styrofoam® Ball (12 Pk.), 1½"
  • Grosgrain Ribbon, 5/8" – Green
  • Lion Brand® Homespun® Yarn – Hepplewhite
  • Snow-Tex™
  • Foam Brush
  • Diamond Dust Glitter
  • Buttons
  • Ink Pad – Orange
  • Wire, 26ga – Silver
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Small Twigs
  • Scoring Tool
  • Scissors
  • Paper Crafting Adhesive
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Pencil
  • Ribbon, 5/8" – Red with White Dots and Red Velvet
  • Embroidery Floss – Bright Red
  • Glitter Shapes, Large and Small
  • Template Printed from

Project Instructions

Print out snowman template from the Cut out pieces and set aside.

Select Styrofoam® balls to be used for each snowman (a father, mother, child, and a pet). For each snowman, push the ball to be used on the bottom firmly against a hard surface to create a flat base. Push skewer through each ball and cut off extra lengths of skewer. Take the extra pieces and paint or color the ends of your skewers. Push them into the corresponding faces to create the carrot nose.

Cover balls with Snow-Tex™ and coat with Diamond Dust glitter while still wet. Set aside to dry.

While snow is drying, use template to create embellishments for your snow family. For the father snowman, you will prepare a top hat, mittens, and buttons for the front. Take out the top hat pattern and trace the base and the top (center circle of template) onto two coordinating prints. Cut out. Cut a 3"x10" strip of paper from one of the prints. Make a score line on the top and bottom of the strip, ¼" in from each side, along each of the 10" sides. Make small cuts into this section at every ¼", not passing the scored line. Wrap this strip into a circle and adhere the ends together. On one end, bend the folded section in to create a flat base; adhere the top part of the hat. Bend the folded section in at the other end to create a flat base; adhere the rim of the hat. Embellish with ribbon and holly-shaped paper leaves (also on template). For the gloves, trace and cut out two sets of gloves (total of four pieces that will fit back-to-back). Adhere to twigs. Embellish by adhering yarn around the open edges. Finish off the accessories by backing each of your buttons with a circle of paper.

For the mother, you will prepare a hat and a mini banner. To create the hat, trace the mom’s hat template onto the back of your desired print and cut out. Adhere red velvet ribbon to front of the hat, one piece on each side, leaving enough length to tie a bow. Embellish the front section with a crocheted piece of yarn; adhere this in place. Finish off the hat by creating a pom pom for the back section. Do this by wrapping a long string of yarn approximately ten times around two of your fingers. Take an additional piece of yarn and use it to tie a double knot around the center section of the yarn; remove from fingers. Cut loops open on each end; fluff and trim as needed. Adhere the pom pom directly to the point of the hat. Next, search for and cut out enough letters in a two-sided pennant shape to form “Happy Holidays.” Adhere your pennants to two sections of embroidery floss, “Happy” for the top section and “Holidays” to hang just below. Tie the two ends of the floss together so that the sign is connected, with the bottom section slightly looser than the top.

For the child, you will prepare a hat and a gift. Begin by tracing the kid's hat template on the back of your desired print and cut it out. Adhere the two ends together with the print facing out. Then, push all the triangles towards the middle to close up the hat. Apply hot glue to the tips to keep it together. Finish off the hat by adding the pom-pom (see #5). To complete the look for the child snowman, make a small box out of paper and tie it with a ribbon.

Begin putting your snowmen together by adding the glitter shapes for the eyes, sticks for the arms, and all of the accessories. Complete the animal by adding paper accessories to give it your desired look.