Swinging Bib Necklace
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Swinging Bib Necklace

Put a little swing in your step when you top off your look with your own gorgeous bib necklace.

Designed by June Beach

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing Dual Color Metal Chain Pendant/Connector from the Sedona Collection, 2 count
  • Bead Landing Turquoise Seed Bead Fringe Charms from the Sedona Collection, 4 count
  • Bead Landing Mixed Seed Bead Fringe Charms from the Sedona Collection, 3 count
  • Bead Landing 7” Gunmetal Chain with Leather Chains from the Sedona Collection, 2 count
  • Gunmetal Clasp
  • Gunmetal Jump Rings, 2 count
  • Leather
  • Needle for Leather
  • Thread to Match Leather Color

Project Instructions

Fold piece of leather in half. 


Use scissors and cut a bib shape or crescent moon shape out of the leather.


Use a leather punch to place holes at both sides of the bib.


Attach the gunmetal and leather chain to each of the punched holes of the bib.


Open a jump ring and attach the clasp to the end of one side of the leather and chain section.  Close jump rings securely with pliers.  Repeat for other side of necklace to place other jump ring for the clasp to connect to.


Use a needle and thread to secure to the bib in the center of the bib the 2 metal chain connectors. Tie of thread when secure.


To attach the seed bead fringe charms, use the needle and thread to stitch the charms to the bib securely.  Tie off thread when finished.


Repeat till all of the charms have been applied securely to the necklace.  Alternating the colors of the seed bead charms.


Enjoy your Swinging Bib Necklace!