Switching Style Gears
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Switching Style Gears

Switch gears and create a unique bracelet.

Designed by Monica Han.

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Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Gears, 25mm (6-7)
  • Gears, 20mm (6-7)
  • Open-center Gears, 22mm (2)
  • Jump Rings, 6-7mm (60-80)
  • Toggle Bars (2)
  • Pairs of Pliers (2)

Project Instructions

Connect gears with jump rings in a mixed-metal bracelet.

Open a jump ring. Attach a 25mm gear and a 20mm gear. Close the jump ring. Attach a second jump ring.

To make the first row, use pairs of jump rings to attach a total of six or seven large and small gears in an alternating pattern.

Make a second row of gears, attaching gears in the same finish but different size, as in the first row.

Use two pairs of jump rings to attach the first gear in the first row to the first gear in the second row. Use two pairs of jump rings to attach each of the remaining gears in the two rows.

On one end of the first row, link three pairs of jump rings to attach an end gear and a toggle bar. Repeat on the same end of the second row.

On the other end, link one to three pairs of jump rings to attach an open-center gear (adjusting the bracelet length). Repeat on the second row of gears.


Adjusting the bracelet length: You can vary the number of jump rings you use to attach the open-center gear. You can also attach an additional gear on each end. However, avoid removing jump rings from the toggle bar end – otherwise, you won’t have enough room to maneuver the bar through the gear when clasping.