Take Time To Smell The Flowers Necklace
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Take Time To Smell The Flowers Necklace

This fabulous necklace is a real head turner and a must-have for any fashion forward jewelry collection
Designed by June Beach for Bead Landing
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Morning Song Bird Connector
  • Morning Song Leaf Charms (3)
  • Morning Song Long Oval Green Glass Beads (2)
  • Morning Song Aqua Large Oval Beads (2)
  • Morning Song Olive Jade Flower Connectors (2)
  • Morning Song New Jade Top Drilled Stick Beads (4)
  • Morning Song Olive Jade Nugget Beads (3)
  • Morning Song Top Drilled Aqua Wavy Glass Beads (6)
  • Morning Song Golden Rondelle Nugget Beads (9)
  • Morning Song Seafoam Green Wire Wrapped Chain, 7-inch
  • Morning Song Brushed Silver Assorted Loops Chain, 7-inch
  • Morning Song Gemstone Nugget and Metal Loop Mixed Chain, 7-inch
  • 6mm Pacific Opal Crystallized Swarovski Elements Bicone Crystals (9)
  • Morning Song Round Clasp
  • Morning Song Basic Findings (1 package)
  • Silver Headpins (6)
  • Silver Round Metal Disc with Multiple Holes
  • 24 Gauge Silver Wire
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cut a 4-inch piece of wire. Create a wire loop by using the tip of the chain nose pliers to grasp the wire directly above the beads. Bend the wire into a right angle. Position the round nose pliers vertically into the bend and bring the wire over the top of the pliers. Move the pliers round part into the curved wire. Wrap the wire down and around the bottom of the pliers to create the loop. Attach loop to a jump ring that has been connected to the Morning Song round clasp. Hold loop with the pliers. Wrap the wire tail around the stem of the wire, keeping it snug to the stem. Cut excess wire and press end close to stem with the pliers.

Step: 2

Slide a long green oval glass bead onto the wire and repeat step above but attaching loop to a section of the Morning Song brushed silver assorted loops chain before completing the wrapped loop.

Step: 3

Using a jump ring, open the ring and attach a section of the seafoam glass wire wrapped chain, close the jump ring. Take another jump ring, open and attach to the opposite end of the seafoarm wire wrapped bead and connect it to a larger brushed silver double loop section of chain that was used above.

Step: 4

Remove a section from the golden gemstone nugget and metal loop mixed chain and attach to the opposite end of the brushed silver double loop chain.

Step: 5

Repeat step one to be able to attach the aqua oval glass beads to golden gemstone nugget chain. Connect to one of the Morning Song Olive Jade Flower connectors and complete wire wrapping to secure the aqua oval glass bead.

Step: 6

Attach a jump ring to the round metal disc with holes and connect the disc to the Morning Song Olive Jade Flower connectors, completing one side of the necklace.

Step: 7

Repeat steps 1-6 to complete the other side of the necklace.

Step: 8

Cut individual pieces of wire approximately 4-6 inches in length.

Step: 9

Take one piece of wire and one aqua wavy top drilled bead. Slide the bead onto the wire in the middle. Twist wire to secure the bead, slide the wire onto the round multi-hole metal disc and wrap securely so that the bead fans out but is secure. Repeat this five more times at the sides and middle, spaced evenly around the metal disc.

Step: 10

Following the same steps as in step 9, follow the same process for connecting the New Jade top Drilled Stick beads and place around outer edge of the focal part of the necklace.

Step: 11

Take a piece of wire and slide three golden rondelle nugget beads and twist the wire bringing the beads together in a bit of a triangle shape. Connect the wire to the disc as described above. Do this three times.

Step: 12

Using the leaf charms, take a headpin, put a 6mm pacific opal bicone crystal onto the headpin and use the wire wrapping process described in Step: 2 to attach the headpin onto the leaf charms. Slide a piece of wire on the other end of the leaf charm and attach to the metal disc securing it so that it sits above the aqua glass and New Jade beads already attached.

Step: 13

Take two pieces of wire and connect the bird connector to end of the olivine jade flowers so that it is secure and sits on top of the beads.

Step: 14

To help fill in any holes around the bird, place an olive jade nugget onto a headpin, place the bead under the bird and attach to the disc. Do this 3 times. Adjust the placement of the beads as needed.

Step: 15

Take 3 6mm pacific opal crystals and slide onto a piece of wire, twist together creating a crystal triangle, and attach to the disc securely. Do this three times, placing as needed around the bird to fill in any open spots.

Step: 16

Adjust the beads around the bird so that the bird looks as though it is nestled into the beads.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.