Textured Glass Snowman Ornaments
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Textured Glass Snowman Ornaments

These flat glass ornaments are so quick and easy to paint, you’ll want to this cute pair to add to your holiday tree! Use DecoArt Glass Enamels and a Spouncer tool to make texture on the glass ornament.

Designed by Jean Kievlan for DecoArt® Americana®

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Flat Glass Ornaments (2)
  • Sheer Blue Ribbon

Project Instructions

Mix a few drops of into Baby Blue Gloss Enamel into White Gloss Enamel to create a very light blue.

Using a large spouncer, pounce the light blue Gloss Enamel onto the front of the ornament.

Set aside to dry, then add a second coat if needed.

When paint is dry, use large spouncer to pounce large White Gloss Enamel circles onto the ornament.

These will be the snowmen faces. Let dry thoroughly.

Paint hat Black Gloss Enamel and bow True Red Gloss Enamel.

When dry, add White dots to bow and a White definition line to the hat brim.

Add Festive Green holly leaves and True Red berries to the hat.

Mix a dot of True Red into White to make light Pink.

Paint cheeks with mixture.

When dry, add a highlight dot of White to each cheek.

Mix Yellow and Red to make Orange, then paint noses Orange.

Dot eyes and nose with Black.

Tie sheer Light Blue ribbon around the neck of each glass ornament.

Allow paint to cure for several days before using.

Optional: Paint a name or date on each ornament with Black.


  • DecoArt® Americana® Gloss Enamel Paint (White, Black, Festive Green, True Red)
  • Loew Cornell® Paintbrushes (#8 and #4 Shaders, #1 Round, #1 Spotter)
  • Flat Glass Ornaments (2)
  • Sheer Blue Ribbon


Use the spouncer to create texture bubbles on the glass ornament.