The Royal Duchess Watch
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The Royal Duchess Watch

Combine beautiful beads with an elegant watch face to create a unique piece of jewelry that is both functional and fashionable.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Silver Filigree Watch Face
  • Beading Wire, Silver, 26 Gauge
  • Beading Wire, Silver, 20 Gauge
  • (A) Bead Landing™ MTL Red Chain
  • (B) Bead Landing™ MTL Blue Chain
  • (C) Bead Landing™ MTL Purple Chain
  • (D) Bead Landing™ Antique Silver Trust Chain
  • (E) Bead Landing™ Gunmetal Long and Short Chain
  • (F) Brass Chain (your choice)
  • (G) Bead Gallery™ 20mm Round Metal Beads
  • (H) Bead Gallery™ 3x4mm Rondelle Beads
  • Super Fine Side Cutter
  • Deluxe Flat Nose Pliers
  • Super Fine Chain Nose Pliers

Project Instructions

Note: This watch is created by weaving chains back and forth to make a chunky chain cluster; the order does not need to be exact but can be used as a guideline.


Cut the following chain lengths:

Chains A, B & C = 9 inches each; attach provided chain end on each end of A, B and C. Chain D = 17 inches; Chain E = 13 inches; Chain F = 22 inches.


Holding “D” chain, attach one end to the bottom bar of the watch face (the bottom bar would be the bar below the 6 on the watch face). Measure 4-1/2”, open chain link on “D” chain and then connect the chain link to the bottom bar (to the right of the first connection). Take the hanging end of the chain, open the last link on the chain and connect it to bottom bar to the left of the second link. The “D” chain should now be woven back and forth across the bottom bar two times. Locate the two bottom most hanging chain links of “D” chain and connect them with one open jump ring. Place one large spring clasp to open jump ring then close jump ring. There should now be four strands of “D” chains woven between the bottom bar and the large spring clasp.


Holding “E” chain, attach one end to the bottom bar of the watch face. Take the remaining hanging chain and attach the chain at the 4-1/2” mark to the jump ring connecting the “D” chain. Weave “E” chain back and forth so that the chain is now tripled.


Repeat weaving technique from Step 3 using chains A, B, C and F respectively.


Insert one 6” length of 20 gauge wire through one “G” bead. Create one wrapped loop on one end of the bead. Create one plain loop on the opposite bead end and attach to the top bar of the watch. Note: To lengthen the band, attach additional beads following Step 5.


Optional: Take 12” of 26 gauge wire and wire wrap 5 pieces of “H” beads on to the top bar of watch. Wrap the wire about three times (forward, backward and forward) throughout the bar to secure.


Refer to photo for project details.