The Snow Princess Watch Necklace
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The Snow Princess Watch Necklace

Combine beautiful beads with an elegant watch face to create a unique piece of jewelry that is both functional and fashionable.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Silver Pocket Watch
  • (A) Bead Gallery™ Alloy Flower Two Loop 15x23mm Silver Plated
  • (B) Bead Gallery™ White Nebula Glass Shiny Faceted 6mm Beads
  • (C) Bead Gallery™ White Glass Faceted 6x8mm Rondelle Beads
  • (D) Bead Gallery™ Silver Plated Stardust
  • (E) Silver Eye Pin Connector Mix
  • (F) Bead Landing™ White Metal Chain
  • (G) Bead Landing™ Silver Metal Chain
  • Super Fine Side Cutter
  • Deluxe Flat Nose Pliers
  • Super Fine Chain Nose Pliers

Project Instructions

Cut 24 inches of “F” and “G” chain.


Select three “A” beads; connect first “A” bead to second “A” bead with a 4mm jump ring. Connect second “A” bead to third “A” bead with a 4mm jump ring. Connect third “A” bead to watch loop with a 4mm jump ring.


Insert one 1” eye pin through one “D” bead and create an end loop. Repeat this step until you have a bead connected with an eye pin through 11 “D” beads, 22 “B” beads and 11 “C” beads. These connections will now be known as “D”, “B” and “C” respectively.


Connect one “D” with one “B” and one “C” with one “B”. Continue connecting in this sequence until there are 11 full sets. Attach one end of this strand to the first hanging “A” bead loop and the opposite end to one large lobster clasp.


Connect one end of the “F” chain to watch loop by opening and closing the end of the chain link. Connect the opposite end of the chain link to your large lobster clasp. Repeat this using the “G” chain.


Refer to photo for project details.