The Softer Side of Steampunk Bracelet
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The Softer Side of Steampunk Bracelet

In this great bracelet a ceramic gear bead serves as both a focal piece and a clasp.

Designed by Lorelei Eurto.

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Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Gear Bead, Center Drilled, 30mm
  • Ceramic Lentil Beads, 25mm (5)
  • Saucer Beads, 8mm (4-8)
  • Flat Spacers, 4mm (8-16)
  • Round Spacer, 4mm
  • Flexible Beading Wire, .018 or .019
  • Wire, 18 ga. (3")
  • Crimp Beads (4)
  • Hook Clasp
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Diagonal Wire Cutters
  • Crimping Pliers (Optional)

Project Instructions

Cut a 3" (7.6cm) piece of 18 ga. wire and fold it in half. On one end, string a round spacer. Over both ends, string a gear bead.

Bend each end of the wire against the back of the bead. On each end, grasp the wire with round nose pliers just beyond the edge of the bead, and pull the wire around to make a loop.

Cut a piece of bead wire. String a ceramic lentil bead, a flat spacer, a saucer bead, and a flat spacer. Repeat the pattern until the bracelet is within 2" (5cm) of the finished length.

On one end, string two crimp beads and a hook clasp. Go back through the crimp beads and tighten the wire. Crimp the crimp beads and trim the excess wire.

Repeat step on the other end, substituting the gear bead for the hook.