Tissue Fiesta Flowers
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Tissue Fiesta Flowers

Create colorful tissue paper flowers to add a festive touch to your Cinco de Mayo or Fiesta party table. They are both fun and inexpensive to make, and easy project to do with kids!
Jean Kievlan for DMD
Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • DMD Tissue Value Pack, Or Primary Colors of Tissue. Each Sheet Makes Three Flowers.
  • Scissors
  • Green Chenille Stems, 1 For Each Flower

Project Instructions

Step: 1

For each flower, cut four pieces of tissue, 4 1/2 - inches x 10 - inches.

Step: 2

Layer the tissue. Starting at one short end, accordion fold the layers of tissue, making pleats about 3/4 - inches wide.

Step: 3

After the tissue has been pleated, round off the corners at each end of the pleated tissue to create a rounded petal shape.

Step: 4

At the center of tissue, cut a small "v" shape from the accordion folds toward the center of the tissue. Repeat
for the side directly opposite.

Step: 5

Wrap a green chenille stem around the notched center of the tissue and twist off to secure.

Step: 6

Carefully open out the pleated accordion folds at each side of the chenille stem.

Step: 7

Carefully open each layer of tissue, bringing each layer toward the center.

Step: 8

Insert the chenille stem of tissue flowers into floral foam, or gather flowers into a bundle, then place them in a vase or pot.

Step: 9

Creative Options: The chenille stems can also be twisted around a rolled napkin to make a napkin ring, or
trimmed off if the tissue flower is to be used as a corsage or hair ornament.


Trim the ends of the accordion folded tissue to a rounded petal shape.