Toast of the Town Necklace
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Toast of the Town Necklace

Erin Prais-Hintz is an artisan jewelry designer and a collector of interesting things. Erin is influenced by everything...nature, books, movies, architecture, poetry, songs, dreams, people and places. Her style is the melding of opposites: hard and soft, straight and curved, grand and tiny, bold and muted, elegant and whimsical. Erin seeks ways to incorporate the unexpected in each piece, whether that is a family heirloom, hardware store bits and pieces, a natural find, or mini works of art from her favorite bead artists. When people have that 'aha' moment, when they realize that this was made just for them, when they see the hidden treasures in each piece, that is what makes it all worthwhile for Erin. And that is where the name Tesori Trovati originates...Italian for 'treasures found.' Each piece Erin creates contains a treasure found just for you.

Erin's Tip"

"Color is a major inspiration for me. Finding color palettes that work together is one of my favorite things to do. I frequently access the blog as a source of color palettes to spark my creativity. Designer Jessica Colaluca offers a new color palette every single day. For this project I chose an image called “Toasting Tones” with shades of taupe, gray and cream. Since we are coming up to the season of celebrations, and this month is all about celebrating jewelry design, I thought it would be fitting to toast with champagne!"

"In addition to color and beads, versatility is something I strive for in my designs. If I can wear a piece of jewelry multiple ways it is a wonderful thing. The way that I constructed this necklace allows the wearer to have a traditional torsade style choker perfect for that little black dress or open up the strands and wear it long and lean to go from day to evening with ease!"

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing™ Night and Day™ rhinestone toggle clasp
  • White natural shell beads 8mm (50)
  • Black natural shell beads 10mm (28)
  • Silver luster glass beads 10mm (39)
  • Antique silver plated carved lentil 6mm (67)
  • Silver plated metal cube bead 4mm (94)
  • Crimp tubes (4)
  • Beading wire, .018 (84” divided)
  • Jump ring, 8mm
  • Crimp Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • File
  • Bead Stoppers

Project Instructions

Cut the wire into two 42” pieces.

On one wire, string 5 small metal cube beads to the middle. Use a bead stopper to keep
them in the middle while you work from the center out.

Each half of the wire will focus on a particular bead. Either plan out a pattern in each, incorporating a bead from a different strand as shown, or randomly string the beads. For instance, on the strand with the antique silver plated carved lentils, a pattern of 5 black natural shell beads was strung to the middle of that section. Each section would have its own pattern, or just a randomized mix of the all the beads available.

Repeat steps for the other length of wire and the remaining beads.

Cut off the loop on the toggle clasp. File the rough spots down creating a donut.

Pass the two beaded lengths through the donut.

Since the beads are all different sizes, the ends may not line up exactly. Use the small
silver plated metal cubes on all four strands to ensure that the ends are roughly even.

Crimp each end to an 8mm jump ring. Attach the jump ring to the toggle bar.

Necklace can be worn in multiple ways. Loose strands in a choker length with the toggle worn off to the side

Twist the strands for a torsade style choker length with the toggle worn to the front.

Separate the strands for a long style with the toggle donut off to one side, adjusting the strands as you like.