Topaz Ombre Cascade Necklace (Swarovski Elements)
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Topaz Ombre Cascade Necklace (Swarovski Elements)

Ombre tones of Topaz from light to dark make a dramatic statement on this necklace using Create your Style with Swarovski Elements.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Create your Style with Swarovski Elements Bicone, 6mm - Light Topaz (28), Light Smoked Topaz (36) and Smoked Topaz (42)
  • Lobster Closure
  • Jump Ring, 8mm
  • Jump Ring, 4mm
  • Elongated Cable Chain - 5½" (4), 7½" (1), 8¾" (1), 10" (1), 11¼" (1), 12½" (1), 13¾" (1)
  • Head Pins (96)
  • Eye Pins (2 pcs.)
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutters

Project Instructions

Attach longest piece of chain to eye pin alternating a crystal with a chain until you have attached five crystals and six lengths of chain from longest to shortest. Repeat on other side, making sure chains are straight.

Attach 5½" lengths of chain to the outside loops of both eye pins on each side. Connect one end of both chains to your 6mm jump ring and the other two ends to a lobster claw with the 4mm jump ring. 

Use head pins to make all of your dangles. String a bicone onto a head pin, then trim to ¼". Bend pin close to crystal and make a loop with needle nose pliers.

Attach the dangles to necklace. Begin with the center link of each chain and work up evenly on both sides attaching on every other link. Start with your lightest crystals at the top and finish with the darkest crystals at the bottom to produce the ombre effect.


Make sure your chains are straight so your dangles hang properly.