Trinkettes™ - Create Jewelry With Your Own Special Meanings

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Trinkettes™ - Create Jewelry With Your Own Special Meanings

Trinkettes are the simplest way to get started jewelry making and have fantastic results that you'll actually want to wear every day! Get instant jewelry gratification with fabulous Trinkettes!

Trinkettes end design frustration by using super simple jewelry forms, such as threadable bracelet chains and bangles along with beautifully finished large hole beads. Now you just choose the beads that have the most meaning to you, select a form and get right to the fun! In minutes if not seconds, anyone can create a finished piece of professional looking jewelry that is sophisticated, personalized and endlessly changeable. No tools are required and the technique is simply threading the beads on.

There are abundant colors and themed charms to choose from. Combine a color theme with special charms to create meaningful personalized jewelry. For a great example, check out our Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Bangle or choose your school's colors to display your spirit on your wrist, create one for the new mom and more!

Super easy and completely customizable Trinkettes are the way to create fabulous jewelry featuring unique bead charms. A very beginner-friendly project that is perfect for affordable gift giving! Click here for design ideas.