Turquoise and Jet Bracelet
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Turquoise and Jet Bracelet

Turquoise jewelry is always in style. This version combines turquoise, silver and jet black beads for a contempory interpretation. Courtesy of Halcraft
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
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Material List

  • Jet Black Beads, 6mm
  • Metal Beads, 4mm
  • Silver Swirl and Liquid Beads
  • Turquoise Beads, 6mm
  • Bead wire, silver, 24-gauge
  • Pliers, round nose

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Use wire cutter to cut a 3½ coil length from jewelry bead wire for the bracelet. Use the round nose pliers to form a small closed loop at one end.

Step: 2

We have used a letter to represent each bead type used in this bracelet. Thread beads on to wire as follows: (b), (d), (b), (c), (b), (a), (b), (c). Repeat his pattern 11 more times ending as follows: (b), (d), (b).

Step: 3

Make another loop at end of bracelet with your pliers.


Bead Guide

Jet Black Beads (a)

Metal Beads (b)

Turquoise Beads (c)

Silver Swirl and Liquid - uses only swirls (d)

Refer to photo for placement.