Twist and Shout Necklace
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Twist and Shout Necklace

Three different necklaces using the same instructions -- now that's an excellent plan!

Designed by Anita Schulman-Musicant.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bali Dotted Clasp, 4 Loops – Silver-plated
  • Rough Drop Freshwater Pearls, 6 mm (2 Strands) – Amethyst
  • Rice Freshwater Pearls, 8x9mm (2 Strands) – Amethyst
  • Freshwater Pearl, 3mm (1 Strand) – Natural Lavender
  • Freshwater Pearls, 4x5mm (1 Strand) – Natural Lavender
  • Pearl Lentils, 12mm / Round Pearls, 2.5mm (3 Strands) – Amethyst
  • Dog Bone (1 Strand) – Silver-plated
  • Rice Beads Freshwater Pearl Beads, 5x6mm (4 Strands)
  • Stardust Pumpkin Beads (2 Strands) – Silver-plated
  • Rice Beads Pearl Beads, 5x6mm (3 Strands) – Amethyst
  • Bali Dotted Clasp, 4 Loops (1) – Silver-plated
  • Tube, 9x7mm (1 Strand) – Antique Silver-plated
  • Lantern, 4x6mm (1 Strand) – Antique Silver-plated
  • Lentil, 9mm (2 Strands) – Plated Plastic Multi-color
  • Cylinders, 4mm (1 Strand) – Silver-plated
  • Alloy Diamond, 10x15 mm (2 Strands) – Antique Silver-plated
  • Round 8 mm (1 Strand) – Metal-plated Multi-color
  • 10x15mm (1 Strand) – Metal-plated Multi-color
  • 10mm (3 Strands) – Metal-plated Multi-color
  • Lentil, 10mm (1Strand) – Antique Silver-plated
  • Roundel, 3x8mm (1 Strand) – Antique Silver-plated
  • Wire Bead, Large (1 Strand) – Copper
  • Rounds, 3mm Brass (1 Strand) – Silver-plated
  • Bali Silver-plated Dotted Clasp - 4 loops (1 pc) – Silver-plated
  • Glass Lentil, 12mm (3 Strands) – Aqua
  • Glass Round, 12mm (3 Strands) – Aqua
  • Stick Dyed Turquoise (2 Strands) – Coral
  • Round, 14mm (3 Strands) – Aqua Agate Mix
  • Glass Tube, 8x12mm (3 Strands) – Aqua
  • Ceramic Rondelles, 8mm (3 Strands) – Blue Green
  • Rondelles, 6x4mm (2 Strands) – Fossil Coral
  • Crystal Table Cut Square Glass (2 Strands)
  • Shiny Rondelles, 6x8mm (2 Strands) – Light Sapphire
  • Serpentine Round, 8mm (3 Strands) – Serpentine
  • Ceramic Rondelle, 5x8mm (3 Strands) – Aqua
  • Rope Bead, 6mm (5 Strands)

Project Instructions

Cut eight strands of tiger tail, each 24" in length.

Attach each strand in the same manner; fold a strand of tiger tail approximately 1½" from the end, and attach to one of the loops on the clasp using two crimp beads. After threading the first bead, add an additional crimp bead to add stability and a more finished appearance. Flatten these crimp beads and be certain to encase the short end of the wire within the next five or six beads.

Create two strands for each loop. (Add additional strands if a fuller necklace is desired but keep in mind that once the necklace is twisted it could become too full.)

Using a large plate or bowl, make a “bead soup” of your selected beads and thread each strand in a random pattern; intersperse large, small and different shaped beads to achieve visual appeal.

Thread each strand to the same length and attach to the corresponding loop on the other side of the clasp as follows: before the final bead, add a crimp and add two crimps after the last bead, thread the wire through the loop, reverse and thread back through the two crimps, the single bead, the single crimp and five or six beads on the strand. Tighten the beads along the strand so that they sit together securely without being too tight. Flatten the crimps and carefully clip excess wire close to beads.

To wear the necklace, separate and hold each side of the clasp and twist to desired look. Necklace can also be worn without twisting for a totally different look.