Two Strand Pearl Bracelet
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Two Strand Pearl Bracelet

Classic pearls get a touch of sparkle with the addition of unique crystal components and beads. Simple glass pearls in a graduated pattern are doubled stranded for impact. The regal combination of materials in a traditional pattern makes this elegant bracelet both easy to create and easy to wear. Designed by Halcraft USA, Inc.
Craft Time: varies
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Material List

  • Glass Pearls, 6mm, 24 Pcs.
  • Glass Pearls, 4mm, 12 Pcs.
  • Crystal AB Bicones, 4mm, 10 Pcs.
  • Crystal and Silver Components, 2 Pcs.
  • 2 Strand Silver Toggle, 1 Set
  • Silver Crimps, 4 Pcs.
  • Silver Beading Wire
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Ruler
  • *Note: Extra crystal bicones or pearls can be used to extend the length of the strands if a larger bracelet size is needed. Just place identical beads on each strand to keep the patterns matching.

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cut two 10 inch pieces of beading wire (7 strand is fine for this project).

Step: 2

Use a crimp bead to attach each wire to one half of the toggle clasp.

Step: 3

To use a crimp, thread a crimp bead and the clasp onto one end of beading wire. Bring the wire back down through the crimp bead so there is about a 1-inch tail. Push the crimp tight to the clasp end. Using your needle nose pliers, press the crimp flat. *A special crimping tool can be used instead of crimping flat. This technique will fold the crimp and create a neater finish.* Test that the wire is secure before threading on beads. The beads you thread on will cover the tail so there is no need to trim.

Step: 4

Thread onto each wire separately a crystal bicone.

Step: 5

Then thread onto each wire bead set A: 4mm pearl, 2-6mm pearls, 4mm crystal bicone and 2-6mm pearls.

Step: 6

Thread a crystal and silver component through both wires. You’ll find loops on the back to one strand will go through the top while the second strand can go through the bottom 2 loops. Slide this into place.

Step: 7

Continue by threading the strands: set A, a crystal and silver component, set A and a final 4mm crystal bicone.

Step: 8

Use a crimp to secure each strand to the second half of the toggle clasp. Pull the tail of wire back down through a few beads to hide it and then trim any excess wire after the crimps are crushed.


Refer to photo to complete project. Follow manufacturer's directions for all products used.