Two Tone Twisted Swirl Earrings
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Two Tone Twisted Swirl Earrings

Advanced beading wire jewelers will love these earrings! Challenge your wrapping skills to make this elegant set.

Designed by Cindy Becker.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Beadalon® Round Wire, 20 ga. – Antique Brass (8")
  • Beadalon® Wire, 26 ga. – Antique Brass (24")
  • Beadalon® Wire, 20 ga. – Antique Brass (6")
  • Beadalon® Chain Nose Pliers
  • Beadalon® Wire Cutters
  • Beadalon® Round Nose Pliers
  • Beadalon® Bale Maker
  • Hammer
  • Ruler

Project Instructions


Step 1 Cut two 4" 20 ga. wires.

Step 2 Using Beadalon® round nose pliers, make small loop on one end of the 4" piece of wire.

Step 3 Using Beadalon® chain nose pliers, begin to make a swirl. Continue until the swirl is about ½" in diameter. Make sure you keep the swirl loose and open.

Step 4 Repeat with second 4" wire.

Step 5 Cut two 12" pieces of 26 ga. wire.

Step 6 About ¼" from end make a small tail using chain nose pliers.

Step 7 Hook tail around 4" wire. Using chain nose pliers, hold 26 ga. wire in place and begin to wrap it around the 4" wire. Each wrap should be evenly spaced.

Step 8 Continue wrapping until you have approximately 1½" left. Trim 26 ga. wire.

Step 9 With finger begin to form an oval with the 4" wire.

Step 10 Using round nose pliers make a small loop on end of wire.

Step 11 Using chain nose pliers begin to make swirl. Continue making swirl until the wrapped wire is on the outside of the swirl.

Ear Wire

Step 1 Cut two 3" pieces of 20 ga. wire.

Step 2 Using round nose pliers, about ¼" from end make small loop but keep end open.

Step 3 Slide over center of earring.

Step 4 Wrap tail of 20 ga. wire around the wire.

Step 5 Using Beadalon® bale maker, form shape of earring wire.

Step 6 Trim end to desired length.

Step 7 Using excess 26 ga. wire, secure both loops together by feeding end through one swirl, then around other.

Step 8 Press down with chain nose pliers to flatten.

Step 9 Gently hammer earring on both sides.


You can add beads to the earrings.